Massoud Foundation is a non-profit organization. Since its establishment in 2002 (1381), it has provided services in different areas such as culture, health, training and education, assistance to children of martyrs, and families in need.
Massoud Foundation reflects the viewpoints, thoughts, and Islamic and national aspirations of Martyr Ahmad Shah Massoud. The Foundation aims to build on these forerunners and realize the aspirations through academic, cultural, social, and economic programs. The compilation of the history of Jihad and resistance of the people of Afghanistan is also part of its mission. In addition, the Foundation has been already involved and will continue with rebuilding, and economic and social development of Afghanistan including public awareness and capacity building, provision of assistance to people in need, provision of healthcare services, increase of women’s participation in social affairs, skills enhancement, and more.


Since Afghanistan went through hard conditions, it is vital to focus on the training and education of its citizens. Therefore, the main activities of this Foundation focused on two areas, i.e. cultural and educational areas. We would like to first begin by illustrating these two areas here.

Cultural Activities