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Martyrs’ Ahmad Shah Massoud Foundation was the host of a quite interesting and educative program called ‘Image and Photography of Humanity’ last night by Reza Deghati, world’s renowned and famous photojournalist.

In fact, Mr. Diqati is one of the oldest friends of Afghanistan’s Jihad and Resistance times and he has devoted forty years of his life to photographing the humanity and reflecting the violence against humanity across the world for the purpose of searching the truth of humans’ lives as well as the sufferings, miseries, catastrophes, happiness, and sorrows of humans.

From the tragic events of Kurdistan to Kosovo, Palestine, Latin America, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan as well as the lives of people and events from the most dangerous and eventful parts and corners of the world have all been depicted and reflected in the images and photos taken by Mr. Diqati. According to Mr. Diqati, he has used the profession of photojournalism not only for the purpose of photographing and taking photos but also as a means to serve humanity.

In fact, the taken photos, humanitarian services, and activities of Diqati have been published in many journals of the world in different languages.

We, on the behalf of Shaheed Ahmad Shah Massoud Foundation, requested Mr. Diqati if he would stay in Afghanistan for some days so that we invite large congregation of politicians, intellectuals, elites and different groups of people to this 2-hour important, interesting, exciting, and educative program which is full of lessons and fully corresponds to the current conditions and circumstances of our country.

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