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Scholarships of Massoud Foundation

The Foundation of martyrs’ Ahmad Shah Massoud…                                 

The Foundation of martyrs’ Ahmad Shah Massoud, National Hero of Afghanistan has provided educational opportunities to our fellow countrymen in the country and abroad since its establishment up to now which has been very beneficial and effective in the growth of the innate talents of our teenagers and youths and it’s regarded as a great service to our young generation as well. In fact, Massoud Foundation searches and looks for educational opportunities in the fields of experimental and human sciences for our fellow countrymen in different countries, and by taking into consideration the needs and requirements, it sends the talented, qualified, and deserving youths to foreign countries for education so that these youths can contribute and take part in the development and growth of Afghanistan.

In fact, the youths, who have been introduced to the scholarships through Massoud Foundation, are from different areas and regions of Afghanistan and they are busy continuing their education in different fields of study and they want to transfer their gained expertise and knowledge to their country and want to serve their country after graduation.

The process of scholarships of Massoud Foundation with the countries is that Massoud Foundation selects the talented and qualified students with high marks and grades at schools and universities among the students of schools and universities from all over Afghanistan and sends them to foreign countries for education. In fact, the sons and daughters of martyrs, poor and needy people are also included in these scholarships and can benefit from these scholarships.

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