Our Mission & Vision

Massoud Foundation is an independent institution reflecting the viewpoints, thoughts, and Islamic and national aspirations of Martyr Ahmad Shah Massoud. The Foundation aims to build on these forerunners and realize the aspirations through academic, cultural, social, and economic programs. Martyr Ahmad Shah Massoud’s thoughts and viewpoints were always supportive of a peaceful life in his society and for other humans, as he once said that he wanted such an Islamic state for Afghanistan under which they could live peacefully with their people and the world.

Ahmad Shah Massoud always struggled and hoped for an independent, self-sufficient, and strong Afghanistan with a just and democratic political system. He was respected, and would always insist on democracy, and inclusive elections where both men and women could participate.

Ahmad Shah Massoud abhorred war and was deeply committed to restoring peace in his country by any means possible, even he would approach his enemies by going to their strongholds and inviting them for peace talks. In response to a journalist’s question, who asked him what was the best word he would like to hear, he said, “Peace!”

Massoud Foundation plans to introduce and share these ideas and viewpoints, entitled Massoud’s Thoughts, Goal, and Aspirations, with the current and future generation of this country.

It is part of Massoud Foundation’s goal and objectives to promote Martyr Ahmad Shah Massoud’s thoughts, and his dream of making Afghanistan as an independent, secured, and prosperous country.

Massoud Foundation, in compliance with Martyr Ahmad Shah Massoud’s thoughts and aspirations, sets forth its objectives as below:
  1. To contribute to social, cultural and economic developments of Afghanistan by facilitating educational opportunities, and public awareness on different issues including health, fighting against illiteracy, and poverty across the country.
  2. To advocate for women’s rights and encourage women’s active participation in social, economic, political, and cultural affairs.

3.To promote and amplify the best thoughts of Martyr Ahmad Shah Massoud, and his aspirations for peace, democracy, social justice, and sustainable developments;

4. To seek the cooperation of national and international institutions in achieving these goals and objectives.