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Inauguration of Mechanical High School

Since education is one of the basic needs of human societies, unfortunately, during the three decades of war and insecurity in most parts of the country, students have less access to schools or no educational facilities, despite the fact that Martyr Ahmad Shah Massoud, the national hero of the country in the areas under his control, in the most difficult days of the war, paid deep attention to the reopening of schools, lessons and education of the children of the country; As in the era of jihad and resistance, most schools were active and students were engaged in teaching and learning. After the establishment of the interim administration in the country, a large number of schools and colleges are active throughout the country and millions of children and adolescents are engaged in education. In addition to schools, the establishment of vocational schools is one of the most urgent and basic needs of society, which, unfortunately, for some reason, such schools have not been established in most provinces to include students interested in studying in professional and technical fields.
Fortunately, Shahid Ahmad Shah Massoud Mechanical High School was built on 2/18/2011 in Astana village, the capital of Panjshir province, at a total cost of US $ 400,000, with the help and cooperation of the Paderborn Aid Foundation of Germany and the Martyr Massoud Foundation. This school has two blocks of 24 classes and a technical shop for practical lessons. 360 students are studying in it.
As Astana village is located in the center of Panjshir province, students from all parts of Panjshir and neighboring provinces can use it, so the establishment of such a school is of special importance in the training of professional staff. Its construction work will be completed and put into operation.
By creating that dormitory, students from all over the country can learn vocational training in this high school. On this occasion, a grand ceremony was held with the participation of Ahmad Wali Massoud, General Director of the Martyr Massoud Foundation, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Leader of the Coalition for Change and Hope, and Secretary-General of the Martyr Massoud Foundation, Maulana Abdul Rahman Kabiri, Deputy Governor of Panjshir, Mohammad Asif Nang, Deputy Minister of Education, A representative of the Auxiliary Institution of Paderborn, Germany, a number of people’s representatives in the Wolesi Jirga, the President and members of the Department of Education of Panjshir Province, teachers and students of schools, government officials of Panjshir Province, benefactors and influential people.
The gathering began with the recitation of a few verses of the Glorious Word of God and the speakers gave brief speeches on the values ​​of education in the social infrastructure of the growth and development of society.
At the end of the meeting, Ahmad Vali Massoud, while thanking those who have cooperated in the construction of this high school, expressed his gratitude and gratitude regarding the activities of the Martyr Massoud Foundation in the fields of culture, education, and social services and provided brief information from ministry officials. Maaref applied to cooperate with the mentioned high school in attracting professional teachers, training, providing educational facilities, providing technical and professional tools and equipment for students’ practical work.

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